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Monday, July 31, 2006

G'day Mate!

My best friend Allison got back from Australia and New Zealand after spending more than 20 days there on a People to People trip. She said that she really liked New Zealand, a lot more than Australia. She had said that it would be fun to do a backpacking trip around New Zealand, so that might be something we could do for our senior trip next summer with my other friend Kara. We could do a Lord of the Rings tour. It was so good to have her back, because I haven't been doing much since she left, so she came over on Saturday to hang out. She had brought me back a boomerang and a little koala with a vest on that said 'Australia' and was holding a boomerang, very cute. I got to hear all about her trip while we ate pizza and drank beer, root beer. We watched a couple movies, She's the Man and Something New, both were really good. She had a great time, but it's good to have her back home.


Blogger jt said...

G'day already!
It's September....

10:35 AM  

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