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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just Quit Asking Questions!

Today I went with the fourth graders that I'm working with on a field trip. We were learning about Native Americans and how they used to live. Our speaker was beginning to tell us about all the tools the Native Americans used to use and how they used them. She held up a very round rock and was going to explain how flint works and how to break it into pieces to use as arrowheads. But before she can get very far into to her speech one of the very curious boys from the class raised his hand with a question already. I mean c'mon she's barely started and you already have a question! So Brian, the curious boy, is one of those hand raisers that shakes his whole arm all over the place so the speaker can't ignore his upraised hand. When she asks him what his question is he points to the flint and asks if it's a dinosaur egg. Give me a break. This kid is a fourth grader, dosen't he already know that the dinosaurs are dead! I mean how could he not? So the speaker, very slowly says, "No, this is flint, if you would let me finish I would have gotten to it." If this woman is already annoyed just wait until an hour later when this kid is practically jumping with questions.

So after the field trip I had to go home and get nice clothes for after school. I had completly forgot that I was doing this ushering thing at my high school for some tech meeting. We have a really nice auditorium and people rent it out from time to time for a variety of things. So I stayed at that for an hour opening doors and doing other ushering type things. Now I'm home and bored. I think I'm gonna play my guitar later, I don't know. I don't do any sport things after school so I have a lot more free time, which is really nice. Only 23 more days till my 18th birthday, (Sorry mom I had to put it in there)

What I'm Listening To: True Affection by The Blow. It's actually a really good song. It was free on iTunes this week. I had never heard of The Blow but this song is catchy. Download it!


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