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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Here's Some More Pictures

Here are some more pictures from a walk I took. This first one is of a no trespassing sign on our property.

This next photo is of a mushroom out in our woods. There seemed to be a lot of fungus growing all over this fall. We got a lot of rain so that's probably why.

By the way our basketball team won last night in overtime. It was a close game, none of our good three point shooters were on last night. It's one thing when one of them is off, but if all of them are off then it's a really bad thing. So, the next game is Monday and I hope we play better than we did last night, especially if we want to win.

What I'm Listening To: Faith Hill. This is weird for me to listen to country music, it usually gets on my nerves. But for some odd reason I felt like listening to it today. I was listening to Faith's Cry CD, it doesn't sound so country twangy as some stuff does. I actually enjoyed listening to it.


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