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Monday, November 20, 2006

More Pictures

I'm a picture fanatic. Just wait till I get my own camera and then this page will take forever to load because I'm such a photo pig. Yeah, you know you like it. Anyways, this first photo is of a set of rusted out Master locks that are on a gate that seperates our property from the obsessive, controling neighbor. Obviously you can just walk around the gate, but I think having a gate with rusted locks shows that "Hey this is my property, I know you can just go around but stay out anyway," or at least I think that's what these locks are saying.

This next picture is a tree that looks like a hand. I thought it looked magical, if you're into that kind of stuff. I'm not saying that I'm into magic, but if one (not me!) wanted to do magic tricks that would be the perfect tree-spot to do it at, that is if one (not me!) needed a tree to do magic tricks.


Blogger Sammy said...

You're turning into a great phtographer Joycie, keep the pic comin', they're awesome!

12:25 PM  
Blogger Alley said...

These are some neat pictures I like them

4:18 PM  

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