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I'm a freshman in college, studying to become an elementary teacher. I just got a brand new Martin guitar that I'm extremely proud of. I love to read and listen to all types of music. I love my dogs, and I miss them now that I'm at college. I love to read and of course, write.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nothing New

Nothing much has been going on. I can't wait for Thanksgiving break, I'm so sick of the monotony known as school. I could tell you what we have planned everyday for every class without looking at the board. I could tell you what I do everyday when I go to help out at the elementary school, I mean I'm there for the same classes, morning work, journal, Reading, then whatever specials they have. I need a change in my schedule-I'm tired of this one. I keep telling myself that today is Tuesday (yuck), but it's really like a Thursday (Yes!). So tomorrow is Wednesday, which will be really like a Friday. I love it when we have school off.

What I'm Reading: Diva by Alex Flinn. She's the same person who wrote Breathing Underwater, only this time she's writing as Caitlin, the girl Nick abused. She's writing about after the breakup and when Caitlin moves to another school. I like it, but the author does a better job writing as a boy than as a girl.


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