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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rest and Relaxation

This Christmas break is going by very fast this year. It will be Thursday tomorrow, less than a week before I have to go back to school. We didn't even get a full two weeks this year! What is wrong with our school system that they have to cut back our break, (imagine a pouting face right now). But this break was well needed. I had to have time off from school, I think everyone was feeling that way too. Yesterday my friends had their 18th birthday party, it was them, my friend Kara and myself for most of the night. Another girl did show up, but didn't stay very long. It was fun though with the small group. We just watched movies and talked-girl stuff. Hopefully I'll be going to look at apartments before the end of break. I'm gonna live with one of my friends next year while going to school, I'm looking forward to it. There's a lot of work yet though that needs to be done before we're set for next year.

Christmas was good this year, but it didn't feel like Christmas. We had no snow, we have no snow. But whether we have snow, it was great to see my family. I did get some pretty good stuff this year. I got front speakers for my car, which I really needed because they're starting to buzz and that gets really annoying after awhile. I also got some books and gift cards etc. I went to Barnes and Nobel the day after Christmas looking for the Josh Ritter cd. Both times that I've been in there lately they haven't had the cd I wanted, so I had to order it and I hope it comes really soon. Josh Ritter is amazing! I've only heard one of his songs, "Wolves" but it's the type of song you keep on repeat. My brother and I are also saving for a Wii, from what I've heard they're pretty awesome and their the cheapest between the xbox and the ps3- hopefully we'll be able to get one soon.


Anonymous Auntie K said...

She's back! Yeah!!! I'm glad you're enjoying your break and you can quit whining snowed and it's all your fault! Little creep ;-)

Luv u,

Auntie K

5:50 AM  

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