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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Last Day of November

The last couple of days have been quite warm for the end of November. I'm talking 55 to 65 degrees all this week. Then today it takes a huge drop creeping to 40 degrees with rain turning into a rain\snow mix. Tomorrow we're supposed to get 8 to 10 inches, I'm very excited for that, but I know my Aunt Kathy isn't. She doesn't care for that white stuff too much. But just to let you know Aunt Kathy, it's not December without a little bit of that white stuff, (there's a big smile on my face right now, I'd almost call it a smirk).

Grey's Anatomy, and Men in Trees is on tonight!!!!!! This is the best night of TV ever! Enough exclamation points already!


Anonymous Aunt Kathy said...

Smirk away, baby girl... I will cheerfully agree to "the white stuff" right up through December 26th. Then it has to leave!!!! :-)

Luv u,

Auntie K

8:40 PM  

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