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I'm a freshman in college, studying to become an elementary teacher. I just got a brand new Martin guitar that I'm extremely proud of. I love to read and listen to all types of music. I love my dogs, and I miss them now that I'm at college. I love to read and of course, write.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Today was Thanksgiving at my house. All the family came at about noon, I was getting hungry, any later and I would have died. We also celebrated my birthday today even though it's not until sunday. I got the camera and the Sims 2 Pets and a shirt from AE from my mom and dad. I got the new Real perfume from AE from my brother. I got a lot of money from all of my aunts and uncles and grandparents. I got V for Vendetta from my Aunt Kathy, Uncle Bob, Michelle and Michael. I also got a huge book of fiddle songs from my Aunt JoAnne, this book is awesome. There are so many songs in this book it's amazing. Anyway, today was a pretty good day, and I am one happy almost 18 year old.


Blogger Alley said...

I hope you ate alot and have a great birthday I will be over to give you your gift or do you want me to give it to you at school it doesn't matter to me. Well Happy birthday

4:23 PM  

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